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New vision, new website

At our last global team meeting we took some time to review our purpose and vision. The spur to do this was a continuing evolution in the work we do and the feedback we received from our clients and participants. We took the time to reflect on this and also to think about what motivated […]

Great question to ask a new management team

I was delivering a keynote speech to a supply chain meeting at Lego-Land Denmark recently, an interesting and fun location for a meeting. The session before mine ended with a Q&A for a relatively new group of leaders who had come in to manage a more integrated supply chain organization. This was the first meeting […]

Getting comfortable with ambiguity

When we work with organisations new to matrix management, one of the key requests from their people is to improve the clarity of their goals and roles. This can lead to what we call the clarity trap. In this situation we have introduced a multidimensional structured way of working, such as a matrix or network […]

Matrix management myths – Part 2

In our work with leading organisations on matrix management we regularly encounter a number of myths and assumptions that often hold people back in managing the matrix successfully. It’s important to dispel these as they can lead to people waiting passively for “normal service” to be resumed or for senior leaders to fix a problem […]