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Getting things done, despite your corporate culture

I was in San Francisco last week and visited a couple of CEOs in silicon valley. During our conversations both of them identified particularly successful projects within the matrix organisations as great examples of collaboration. In both cases these were discrete projects to deliver a new product or process and they set up dedicated teams that […]

The customer driven matrix – helping Sarah

I was working with the supply chain organisation of one of our Pharma clients recently. The essence of the supply chain is joined up thinking and actions across the traditional functional and geographic silos to stay focused on the end result. This organisation had taken this to the next level by structuring its communication and […]

Navigating the multiple matrix organization design

I’ve worked with a couple of clients recently who have the same challenge, different parts of their organization pursuing different matrix organization design models which then prove hard to match up and manage across the interfaces. One was a very large services organisation, each business unit and function had been given responsibility for developing their […]

The missing link in on demand learning

There is a lot of interest at the moment in micro learning and on demand learning. This involves packaging learning into bite size chunks which makes them easier to digest and making them available so that people can access them at the point at which they need them. It is a great idea and we’ve […]

Networking is not collaboration

I read several articles about networking recently, several of them equate networking with collaboration. However, networking itself does not create value or collaboration, you can have a lot of connections but unless you engage them to achieve something, it may do no more than help your LinkedIn profile look good. The essence of the network […]