Speed Lead: sample chapter

The first chapter of Speed Lead, by Kevan Hall, is available for downloading below as a pdf.

In this book I introduce some challenging ideas and practical tools to simplify the way people work together in order to avoid the negative consequences of complexity. When you implement this approach, you should expect to see significant improvements in three main areas:

  • Speed—up to 25% faster delivery by complex teams and projects. At a strategic level, speed delivers faster innovation, faster improvement activities, reduced time to market, and higher levels of delivery for the same resources.

  • Ease—by making the organization easier to run you can reduce the time and expense of unnecessary cooperation, control, and communication by up to 20%. You can redirect these unproductive overheads and administration resources to things that build productivity.

  • Satisfaction—improve the satisfaction of team members by 10–20%. Greater job satisfaction correlates with higher motivation,increased performance, and a reduction in staff turnover.

Why not…?

  • Find out about Speed Lead: Faster, simpler ways to manage people, projects and teams in complex companies, on our Speed Lead, the book page.
  • To read about how the learnings from the book are applied in training, The Speed Lead® process could be the page you need.
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