Can our leaders really be heroes?

In this article for Edge. the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) magazine, Kevan Hall asks whether we can really expect our leaders to be heroes.  He argues that placing this expectation on our leaders is both unrealistic and undesirable. So how accountable should they be when a crisis breaks out?

I know that the retailers put tremendous effort into supply assurance and monitoring their supply chain. But without 100% inspection (which is implausible, slow and highly expensive) can they really protect their businesses from criminals who deliberately subvert the rules or the process. As a society and customers, if we think that they must, then are we prepared to pay the price of all that additional monitoring and control?

Source: “Can our leaders really be heroes?” by Kevan Hall. Edge Online, April 3, 2013  (Login required – article can be downloaded below.)


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