HR Magazine – Books In Brief: Speed Lead

This article first appeared in HR Magazine

In hosts of books and seminars, managers hear today’s common business advice: Communicate more. Emphasize teamwork. Be accessible. Build community and shared values in the workplace.

In Speed Lead (Nicholas Breeley Publishing, 2007), Kevan Hall has a different take: Communication is a problem today, not a solution. So-called teams often aren’t teams at all. Too much accessibility undermines initiative. Hall says increasing complexity in larger companies slows work down as people are expected to collaborate across teams, functions and countries.

He advocates faster, simpler management of communication, cooperation, control and community. Each chapter ends with an exercise to put the ideas to work immediately.

Readers also get advice on:
• Giving up control and getting employees to be more autonomous.
• Analyzing why employees come to managers with problems they might have solved themselves.
• Building corporate community when people are pulled by conflicting loyalties.

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