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Five agile and digital leadership themes

Our agile and digital leadership training is based around five key themes that shape how ways of working are different in an agile and digital world

the first is accelerated technology adoption – technology is changing fast and our ability to encourage and enable all individuals to use new technologies to collaborate in an agile way will be critical to our future success

How quickly and completely we can adapt our business models, processes and ways of working to the opportunities that technology brings will not be about the technology themselves, but about our people, our skills and our corporate culture. These factors will become either the biggest enabler OR the biggest barrier to our agile or digital transformation.

The second is Fail fast and manage risk agile working is about accelerated learning and testing, using minimal viable product, fast iteration, agile methods and accelerated failure.

This is a major challenge for organisations used to high levels of control and getting it right first time.

We help people understand where this iterative working approach fits into our collaboration, and where it doesn’t.

Third is the need to Lead for Speed – we need to constantly cut out waste and delver everything faster. We apply lean and agile principles to accelerating the way people collaborate and deliver results.

Fourth is Mastering Multiple, Teams – we show participants who work on several teams at once how to manage switching, collaboration overload and challenges with clarity and competing goals.

Fifth is the area of autonomous teams and shared leadership – Autonomous teams are at the heart of agile digital working but what does autonomy really mean and how do we take the next steps towards greater autonomy. As collaboration becomes more complex, we need leadership to emerge deeper in the organisation and for leadership roles to be more distributed into our teams

We help participants understand the 2 vital preconditions for autonomy, how to take the next steps to increase autonomy and how to get shared leadership to emerge in our teams.

Finally, we look at moving from hierarchy to network and influence – agile and digital working requires much more horizontal collaboration that cuts across the traditional silos of business units, functions and geographies to serve customers.

We introduce practical tools to help people build and activate their networks to get things done, and to exercise influence without authority.

Taken together these 6 themes represent a significant change in leadership and collaboration and require a skill update for many leaders.

Do you recognise these five challenges? Many of them are already critical to success today, others are important enabling skills for those starting to think about or implement agile working and digital transformation?

What are your plans to prepare your people for an agile and digital future? See more about our agile and digital leadership training.


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