Conflict is good

Who is the most effective CEO? A few years ago Prof Morten Hansen and his colleagues set out to answer this question by analysing reams of stock market performance information and using this to create a ranked list of 2,000 CEOs from across the globe.  Unsurprisingly, Steve Jobs came out top, followed shortly by Jeff […]

New white paper: Mastering virtual, matrix and digital teams

In the past few weeks our blogs have been giving you a teaser of the juicy insights packed in our new white paper: Mastering virtual, matrix and digital teams – which we officially launch today. You can download free copies of the entire white paper or a series of shorter summaries of the research at […]

Let matrix organizations breathe by disentangling decision making

“Billionaire hedge fund manager Nelson Peltz calls P&G a suffocating bureaucracy” run the summer headlines – with Peltz blaming P&G’s matrix structure for its current woes and launching a proxy shareholder fight[1]. However as we’ve said many times here before, it is not the matrix structure that is the problem it is the ways of […]

Matrix management is the secret to great leadership development?

Matrix management often gets criticized for increasing complexity. Accountability without control, influence without authority and multiple team membership does have its challenges; but it looks like being exposed to these is the secret of a successful leadership career. A recent Harvard business review article quotes a Deloitte study of executives from more than 2,000 organisations. They […]