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Remote & Virtual Teams Learning path – new interactive graphic

On our new website we have added an interactive graphic we’ve been using with our customers for some time to explain the skills and ways of working needed for remote & virtual, matrixed and agile & digital working.

We still offer fully bespoke  training programmes and, in addition, we have packaged some of our most popular training modules into ready to run 90-minute bite sized programs that can be run face-to-face (in normal times), by live web seminar, online learning or combined in a blended program.

Remote and virtual working is very topical right now and it can be hard to sort the good from the bad with everyone suddenly becoming an expert in remote working 😊. Be reassured, we developed the world’s first remote and virtual teams training over 30 years ago and have trained over 150,000 people in these skills around the world.

The eight modules in the remote & virtual teams learning path below are likely to be most relevant to you right now, but you may also need some of the elements from the other matrix management and agile & digital leadership learning paths you will find on the page too if, for example, you are working on multiple teams or dealing with high levels of ambiguity.

When you check out the graphic on our main site here you will be able to see our remote and virtual teams learning path and click on the modules to see the contents of each of these training modules in more detail.

  • virtual essentials – an introduction for people new to virtual working
  • building trust – what is different about building, maintaining and repairing trust when we can’t get face to face
  • communications heartbeat – how do we build a rhythm of communication that achieves the task and satisfies the needs of the people
  • engaging virtual meetings – how to create real interaction and participation in your virtual meetings
  • staying visible – how do we stay visible to our colleagues in the organisation and avoid “out of sight out of mind” when working remotely
  • continuous empowerment – how do we constantly find opportunities to increase empowerment and reduce control when working virtually

For those whose virtual teams who operate internationally there are a couple of additional modules

  • introduction to global leadership – understanding the five barriers to global leadership success
  • working across cultures – learn to diagnose, manage, and enjoy cultural differences at work

You can see the contents of all of these modules by clicking on  the elements of the model here.

You can choose just the modules that are relevant to you and your organization right now, or we can put these and other modules together into longer bespoke face-to-face (in normal times), virtual or blended programs. They are ready to run making them convenient, easy to administer and cost effective.

If you don’t see exactly what you need then please get in touch, we have lots more training content on these topics, these are just our most requested ones.

While you are on the site why not check out our free videos, webinars, white papers and other resources in our insights section on new ways of working.

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