Global interrogations

Room with glass wallsIt’s Friday, and I have permission from consultant Janet Davis to share a story she relayed from one of her training sessions.

She was delivering this particular training ‘intervention’  in a room with a glass side, but with an opaque glass panel across the centre affording the participants both light and a little privacy.

The session was going well, and Janet’s experienced enough to expect a few people peering in and not be phased by it. But on this particular occasion, people seemed to be going to great lengths to peer in, even huddling down to the ground to peer under the panel.

It was getting a bit intrusive for the participants, so at the first break, our intrepid consultant headed into reception to see what could be done.

The reason for the interest was immediately apparent: instead of the sign for the room in reception saying ‘Global Integration’ (our company name) it said ‘Global Interrogation’.

We always wondered about her talent for getting people so engaged with our materials….

(You can see some genuine training sessions in action here.)

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