Increase the quality of input in virtual teams: stop using ‘reply all’

From the co-located team in US that now has to deal with global expansion and offices opening in China and Japan; to swiftly formed transient project teams with members from all over the world who have to deliver a solution to a tricky challenge in a matter of months (or even days) without ever meeting […]

Why can’t leading tech companies make virtual working work?

As technology experts IBM reverse years of remote working and demand techies return to co-location hubs, how can the rest of us hope to make virtual working flourish? Technology giants from IBM to Google love to entice us into a virtual working world where anything can be achieved by colleagues scattered from Kazakhstan to Japan. […]

Why most cost-cutting initiatives fail to stick

An interesting article from McKinsey “Rethinking the rules of reorganization” finds that around 60% of companies in the S&P 500 had launched large-scale cost red uction initiatives in the past five years, however only 26% had successfully prevented cost from creeping back up In addition to some good practical advice on targeting reorganization and change, they […]

Lessons from Silicon Valley – Issue 2

Having recently visited Silicon Valley, Kevan Hall, CEO of Global Integration shares his experiences. Building real estate does not make you global I was struck by the race for expensive real estate in the Bay area as fast growing organizations try to create space for their burgeoning workforces and then to bring them together in […]