Free video for people new to working from home

We know that many of you are working hard to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. We all need to keep our people and ourselves safe. As part of this, many people will be working from home as offices close and travel is restricted. Some will be working from home for the first time. Others, even […]

Why can’t leading tech companies make virtual working work?

As technology experts IBM reverse years of remote working and demand techies return to co-location hubs, how can the rest of us hope to make virtual working flourish? Technology giants from IBM to Google love to entice us into a virtual working world where anything can be achieved by colleagues scattered from Kazakhstan to Japan. […]

Are we matrixed, virtual, global or what?

The term “matrix” seems to be growing. Strictly speaking a matrix is where we have more than one reporting line, whether solid or dotted. However, our clients are increasingly using the word matrix to describe the phenomenon of horizontal working – across business units, functions and geography. A recent discussion about this made me reflect […]