Are we matrixed, virtual, global or what?

The term “matrix” seems to be growing. Strictly speaking a matrix is where we have more than one reporting line, whether solid or dotted. However, our clients are increasingly using the word matrix to describe the phenomenon of horizontal working – across business units, functions and geography. A recent discussion about this made me reflect […]

Cultural stereotypes

From time to time during discussions in our training on cultural differences, one individual asks, “doesn’t focusing on cultural differences perpetuate stereotypes or encourage us to make lazy generalisations?. Everyone is different so shouldn’t we just treat everyone as a unique individual?”. It sounds very egalitarian and sensible and some people, often out of respect […]

Business ethics and FIFA

The recent furore over continued FIFA corruption – which has been an open secret for over 30 years to my personal knowledge, made me reflect on corporate ethics. It is a question that comes up regularly in our programs on global working and leadership. I once worked in the Czech Republic in the early days […]