Cultural stereotypes

From time to time during discussions in our training on cultural differences, one individual asks, “doesn’t focusing on cultural differences perpetuate stereotypes or encourage us to make lazy generalisations?. Everyone is different so shouldn’t we just treat everyone as a unique individual?”. It sounds very egalitarian and sensible and some people, often out of respect […]

Lessons from Silicon Valley – Issue 2

Having recently visited Silicon Valley, Kevan Hall, CEO of Global Integration shares his experiences. Building real estate does not make you global I was struck by the race for expensive real estate in the Bay area as fast growing organizations try to create space for their burgeoning workforces and then to bring them together in […]

Lessons from Silicon Valley – Issue 1

Kevan Hall, CEO of Global Integration recently visited Silicon Valley to talk to some of the newer technology companies about their experiences of collaboration and creating integrated global organizations. It was an interesting experience on many levels. The limits of communicating through technology It was good to visit a booming sector and to learn about the particular challenges […]