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Anzac Day

ANZAC Day – or 25th April – is celebrated in Australia and New Zealand as a national holiday. The name stems from that given to the expeditionary force set up in 1914 as part of the Allied Forces that fought in the First World War and ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. The date […]

Matrix Effectiveness

I was recently facilitating a session on Matrix Effectiveness with a sales team from one of our clients. At the end of this, I chatted briefly with the team’s Head of Sales just before he made his closing presentation and I was struck by his statement that “of course, the matrix is less important to […]

The OTHER Asian New Year

Most people are now relatively familiar with the Lunar New Year, which is celebrated not only in China, Korea and Vietnam but elsewhere in countries with significant ethnic Chinese populations such as Singapore and Malaysia. However, there is an equally significant New Year holiday in Asia-Pacific which is not as well known to outsiders: the […]

Woodward’s Tip

Implementing cultural change within a team organizational structure. I was recently listening to someone recount a story about Clive Woodward, the former England Rugby Union coach and how he implemented cultural change within the team organizational structure. For those unfamiliar with the story, Clive took over the England team in 1997 at what was a […]

Australia Day

Australia Day originally marked the declaration of British sovereignty over the area now known as New South Wales on 26th January 1788 and has been celebrated more or less continuously since then. At the start, it was known as ‘Foundation Day’ and as each of the States had a different incorporation date, there was no […]

On Matrix Mindsets

After we posted a report on “The Death of The Matrix”, debunking the myth that the matrix is dead, we shared it on the LinkedIn Matrix Management Group, where an excellent point was made: Any concept, theory which is not clearly understood or applied to bring fruitful results will automatically fane away [sic]. Though organizational […]

Influencing in a Matrix: seven tips and more

Tim Mitchell offers advice on influencing people – and whilst he’s discussing a matrix or virtual  environment, the advice holds true for most environments. One of the key issues that many of our course participants face when working in a matrix environment is the move away from ‘Power’ (ie the ability to tell) to ‘Influence’ […]

Where does the Buck Stop?

One of the many challenges for our participants is understanding different cultural conceptions of leadership and in particular responsibility and accountability. One of the key cultural differentiators is that of Individual (where accountability is commonly associated with specific persons) versus Group (where it is is more often diffused amongst a team or organization). Since many […]