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Podcast claim

<a href=”https://www.podcastalley.com/” mce_href=”https://www.podcastalley.com/”> My Podcast Alley feed!</a> {pca-9e5eedca2980409991c8b6a50a451a60} Just a link to “claim” my podcast – you can ignore this You can see the podcasts here: https://www.global-integration.com/blog/category/podcasts   You

Working in a Matrix – visibility

I saw a post on another website last week (I won’t reference it to save embarrassment) “I work in a matrix and I don’t think my boss really knows my job and what I spend my time doing, why does my boss not pay more attention ?” We have been using a questionnaire on our […]

Matrix management links

As there are relatively few resources on matrix management issues available I am going to create links to some of the useful ones. Here is a blog article which defines the matrix and some of the issues Kevin Tucker has found in working with this structure. Kevin quite rightly emphasises the critical role of people […]