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Poll – Toughest issues in your Matrix?

In our experience there are some predictable problems in working in a matrix organization structure – some of these are unfairly blamed on the matrix structure (it makes an easy scapegoat) and some are a function of working in such a complex environment. What are the most difficult 3 issues for you personally in your matrix […]

Speed Lead – faster, simpler ways to manage people projects and teams in complex companies

My book Speed Lead is based on our experiences working with over 300 major multinationals and training over 50,000 people in the skills of working in complex companies If you are working in a matrixed, virtual, remote, cross-cultural, fast moving or just plain complex company you will find ways to Simplify and speed up cooperation […]

Matrix Cartoon #1 Alignment

One of the main problems that our clients experience in making their matrix structures work is the difficulty in aligning conflicting priotiries and objectives from the different “legs” of the matrix. If objectives are not aligned people can feel pulled in different directions like the character in our first cartoon. But a matrix deliberately sacrifices […]

Welcome and purpose of this blog

Hi and welcome to ‘Life in a Matrix‘ – thanks for stopping by! I set this blog up to work alongside the corporate Global Integration site and the Speed Lead site for my book so that I could get more of a two-way discussion going with people interested in how to get things done in […]