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Systems thinking needs new ways of working

I was working with a UK water utility last week, who are being encouraged by their regulator to take a more “systems thinking” approach to their business to deliver significant cost savings and performance improvements. They have quickly realized that this requires a different way of working to the silo-ed approach of the past. Systems […]

The journey to more complex collaboration

Since the 1980s collaboration has been becoming steadily more complex, enabled by technology and driven by the need to operate increasingly integrated and cost-effective organisations. In the 80s the availability of mobile phones, email, office software and the Internet enabled the growth of remote teams. Working with colleagues who are not face-to-face remains one of […]

Overview of the 5 digital themes

Our digital leadership training is based around five key themes that shape how ways of working are different in an agile and digital world the first is accelerated technology adoption – technology is changing fast and our ability to encourage and enable all individuals to use new technologies will be critical to our future success […]

Leading a matrix ecosystem

Collaboration is increasingly extending beyond the barriers of the traditional organization. This is already changing how we operate and lead people. Online platforms enable a host of suppliers (from Amazon to App stores) to access partners and customers globally with low transaction costs. Complex projects and products require a complex ecosystem of highly integrated global […]

Matrix and remote working increase engagement

A recent article in the Harvard Business review “Engagement around the world, Charted” by Matt Perry showed, among other findings, that working remotely increased engagement. The more days people worked remotely, the more engaged they were, with people working 4 or 5 days a week remotely almost twice as engaged as people who don’t work […]

Helping Sarah or the planet?

I was in Denmark last week working with and visiting a couple of our clients there. Both of them do a great job of finding and communicating the purpose behind what they do and why people work there. Vestas make wind turbines and keep their people focused on the message of sustainability. They are also […]

Managing multiple bosses and teams

Most people in large organizations today work in a world of multiples. We may have more than one formal boss with solidarity and dotted reporting lines. A Gartner survey in 2015 found 85% of people worked on multiple teams. We also probably engage with multiple stakeholders who have some input into our activities. It raises […]

Is alignment possible in a complex company?

When we work with training participants in matrix and other complex organizations they consistently ask for better alignment of their goals. But in in a complex multidimensional world is it even possible to be fully aligned? Clearly at the highest level it is desirable to have a clear strategy and a common focus. But even […]

Don’t let agile create silos

Agile working brings many advantages in focused and rapid delivery, learning and iteration. However, we need to make sure that this focus doesn’t lead us into creating new “agile silos”. Some examples from our recent client work An agile team in software development protecting its autonomy and the purity of process by being unwilling to […]