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Remember what didn’t matter in this crisis, and dump it for good

It’s always easier to get things done in a crisis because normal rules get suspended. Remember what wasn’t important during this period, it probably never was! Let’s make sure we don’t just reintroduce these unnecessary rules and controls when we can get back to our offices! Imagine yourself back in the autumn of 2019, before […]

Navigating the matrix

We operate in a world of multiples, with multiple reporting lines to reflect the competing perspectives of functions, geography and business units. We are part of multiple teams to share resources and expertise. We need to take into account ever more complex groups of internal and external stakeholders to get things done. In working in […]

We are all salespeople in a matrix

I was talking to a global client recently about developing matrix management skills in their global sales organization. They described the challenges of engaging with their internal colleagues and across their own organizational silos, where they needed to exercise accountability without control and influence without authority and deal with complex organization dynamics. Some of their […]

Don’t do your matrix management training in silos

We deliver a lot of matrix management programs where people are challenged to work horizontally across the traditional vertical silos such as functions and geography. These programs are often requested initially by a specific function or area of the business. Whilst we can do a great job of building confidence and capabilities for these people, […]