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Is a Matrix a precondition for agile?

There is a lot of focus on agile working these days with autonomous teams delivering highly focused time bounded sprints to deliver discrete outcomes. But an organization is more than just the sum of its teams and even agile pioneers like Spotify recognize that these teams need to operate within a dynamic matrix. But hold […]

Do you need a matrix to be customer focused?

All commercial organizations aspire to be customer focused, but traditionally the customer focused people such as sales and customer service staff were located in the field, in remote offices or call centers – often far from the centre of power. In a traditional siloed organization the customer can feel very remote and salespeople often find […]

It must be nice to be one dimensional

It’s great to focus and in life generally we see a lot of people who are focused and passionate about a single cause; such as stopping carbon emissions or eliminating road accidents. Now I am sure would all get behind these aims, but would we eliminate carbon at the expense of bringing billions of people […]

Six agile and digital leadership themes

Our agile and digital leadership training is based around five key themes that shape how ways of working are different in an agile and digital world the first is accelerated technology adoption – technology is changing fast and our ability to encourage and enable all individuals to use new technologies to collaborate in an agile […]

Agile principles over tools

Agile working is based around some key principles. It is obsessed with customers, it’s adaptable and experimental, emphasising rapid testing and learning. It focuses on keeping work transparent and delivering through small autonomous teams. It embeds the idea of eliminating waste and bureaucracy wherever possible Agile has also introduced a new language and set of […]

The two preconditions for autonomy

Autonomous teams are a central part of agile and digital working and most people love the idea of having more autonomy. However, there are risks, we would be foolish to give complete autonomy to people who aren’t clear about the goal or capable of delivering it. These are the 2 essential preconditions for giving autonomy. […]

What do autonomous teams do

Small, cross functional autonomous teams are at the heart of agile and digital working. Autonomy allows them to react fast and enables leadership to flow to people with the expertise to solve the problems. But what does autonomy really mean? When we talk about autonomy, we often think about being able to take decisions and […]

Shared and emergent leadership

In agile and digital teams, we need to move at rapid pace and are often managing complex issues with highly skilled colleagues. In this environment it’s hard for a single leader to keep up with everything. The different demands of leadership also require quite different skill sets. In agile methodology teams deal with this by […]