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The end of solid and dotted lines

On our matrix management training programs a lot of participants want to discuss the difference between solid and dotted line reporting relationships and how to manage multiple reporting lines. The idea is that a solid line reporting relationship is the primary one and the dotted line is a secondary and slightly less strong relationship. The […]

Autonomy for me, how about you?

Hi, I am in New York this week talking to a global services organization about some challenges in matrix management. We had a great discussion about autonomy and autonomous teams; everyone loves the idea of being part of an autonomous team. Operating free from interference with the authority to develop and implement your own solutions. […]

Why I love a management fad

I love a management fad. I am unapologetic about this because I have seen a few and learned something useful from nearly all of them. The risk is that we either adopt them too superficially or too completely. I’ve been doing a lot of work recently on agile teams and accelerated iteration in digital working. Some […]

Systems thinking needs new ways of working

I was working with a UK water utility last week, who are being encouraged by their regulator to take a more “systems thinking” approach to their business to deliver significant cost savings and performance improvements. They have quickly realized that this requires a different way of working to the silo-ed approach of the past. Systems […]

The journey to more complex collaboration

Since the 1980s collaboration has been becoming steadily more complex, enabled by technology and driven by the need to operate increasingly integrated and cost-effective organisations. In the 80s the availability of mobile phones, email, office software and the Internet enabled the growth of remote teams. Working with colleagues who are not face-to-face remains one of […]

Overview of the 5 digital themes

Our digital leadership training is based around five key themes that shape how ways of working are different in an agile and digital world the first is accelerated technology adoption – technology is changing fast and our ability to encourage and enable all individuals to use new technologies will be critical to our future success […]

Leading a matrix ecosystem

Collaboration is increasingly extending beyond the barriers of the traditional organization. This is already changing how we operate and lead people. Online platforms enable a host of suppliers (from Amazon to App stores) to access partners and customers globally with low transaction costs. Complex projects and products require a complex ecosystem of highly integrated global […]