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The Centre of Excellence Model

Overcoming the problems and pitfalls Many of our clients use the term “CoE’s” meaning either “Centres of Excellence” or “Centres of Expertise”. This is a way of organising where people with similar expertise, clustered in an organization, cut across traditional (usually national or regional) boundaries. Where it is being done For example, Human resources are […]

Present Shock?

Internet Addiction? Connection Fatigue? “Present Shock”? The number of ways that we can communicate via technology has increased extremely rapidly over the past few years.  This explosion of new technologies includes media such as Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Huddle, etc. etc. not to mention blogging and web feeds.  And over the past few years many of […]

The Multitasking Myth

The Multitasking Myth – or “How to speed up my Meetings by 30%” The question about whether multitasking is a good thing has been around for a while. This week I came across a piece of research that seems to provide the answer once and for all: multitasking is a myth. The research was done […]

First Impressions in Virtual Teams

Traditionally, trust has been thought to be the result of a personal knowledge of an individual’s past behaviour and therefore that our (mutual) trust builds over time as we work together.  This view of trust means that I’ll trust you only when you have shown yourself to be trust-worthy through your actions.  It also views […]

Avoiding Conflict in Global Virtual Teams

Continuing our series of ‘Matrix Monday’ posts, which take a look at the literature relating to matrix environments, today Global integration consultant John  Bland looks at a paper which offers some insight into global virtual teams and their potential sources of conflict. All teams experience conflict, but a global virtual team has extra factors that […]

Virtual Teams Effectiveness

As part of our continuing series of paper reviews, known as “Matrix Monday”, today John Bland takes a look at an article on virtual teams. In his article “Enhancing Effectiveness on Virtual Teams”, Gregory R Berry of the Central Connecticut State University examines why traditional skills are insufficient in creating successful virtual teams. For Berry, […]