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Digital culture trumps digital technology

Research shows that it actually doesn’t matter which specific technology you choose to use in your digital transformation – so long as it will help you achieve your strategic goals.  What’s much more important for success is the culture of the organization that you try to implement it in. So say the results of MIT’s […]

Are you building your team’s virtual learning ecosystem?

The first ever team someone manages is now often a global, virtual, cross-cultural team.  Quite a challenge. As a result all managerial onboarding should be infused with virtual working – not just a 30 minute slide deck tacked on at the end. Secondly, the move towards cross-functional, cross-organizational teams means it’s more important than ever […]

Diversity in a digital world

Major cross-border business transactions have been jeopardized because of language and communication difficulties, with direct financial impact. One European outsourcing firm we’ve worked with shared that there’s a tendency for people to call up and involve those they are comfortable with and speak the same language as, rather than reach out to those that would […]

Have you moved to the new look 2-speed organization yet?

In a single boss, single team past, activity and community often came from the same location or function. Nowadays in successful virtual, matrix and digital organizations, activity and community are diverging significantly. People will loosely remain part of business functions to build capability, community and drive functional excellence.  However activity is now heading away from […]

Research-based virtual team development model

Remote and virtual teams can reduce the costs of facilities and travel, access talent irrespective of distance and deliver results even more productively than face-to-face teams. The business logic is clear, but this way of working does require different skills and a refreshed culture. Unfortunately, there has been too much focus on technology and not […]

New white paper: Mastering virtual, matrix and digital teams

In the past few weeks our blogs have been giving you a teaser of the juicy insights packed in our new white paper: Mastering virtual, matrix and digital teams – which we officially launch today. You can download free copies of the entire white paper or a series of shorter summaries of the research at https://globalintprd.wpengine.com/white-paper/ […]

Finding it hard to concentrate?

What has interrupted you already today and what was the impact on your productivity?  How long did it take you to disengage from your old task, deal with the issue, get back up to speed with the new one? (Reading this blog doesn’t count as a distraction, of course). As we become part of ever […]