Do you need Speed Lead?

Speed Lead bookSpeed Lead: Faster, simpler ways to manage people, projects and teams in complex companies will be useful to anyone who recognizes the following:

  • You work in a complex company
  • You want to get things done faster
  • You want to find better, easier ways to manage
  • You want to cut out frustrating, unnecessary work
  • You want to improve job satisfaction for your people
  • You realize the old-fashioned ways are not working
  • You want to do something about it

What is a complex company?

Complexity means different things to different companies. For some complexity comes from sheer size and pace of change, for others it may include multiple locations, complex organization structures, diverse customers or multi-cultural working.


Speed Lead: the process, applied

The tools and approaches in Speed Lead were originally developed from our work in highly complex international remote & virtual teams where complexity was driven by organizational size as well as distance, cultures, time zones and working through technology, often in a matrix structure.

We found these techniques translated well to a whole range of complex environments.

They are applied in The Speed Lead process.

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Last updated November 2012

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