Save a day a week

Save a day a week, every week, by cutting out unnecessary work.

Training participants tell us they spend on average of two days per week in meetings, and only half of it is relevant to them doing their jobs. People report that they receive an average of around 60 e-mails per day and more than 75% are irrelevant. Unnecessary controls, reporting and escalation can waste hours every week. (Source: Teams benchmarking survey)

GI_brand_diagrams_primary-blueIf any business had a manufacturing facility with 50% or more scrap, they would close it down tomorrow. So why do we put up with poor quality, cooperation, communication, control and unnecessary work?

Global Integration has developed a highly focused workshop designed to drive out unnecessary cooperation, communication and control. The purpose is to save busy people -you!- the time, expense and frustration that pointless work can cause and help win back the time to focus on what is really important.

The biggest culprits in many organizations we have worked with include unnecessary teamwork, irrelevant meetings, badly run conference calls and webinars, stifling controls and worthless e-mails. Typical workshop issues to help save a day a week might include:

  • streamlining cooperation – learning where teamwork is necessary and where it is not.
  • introducing simpler ways of working to get things done faster and without unnecessary cooperation.
  • fewer, better meetings – how to focus meetings, cut out unnecessary participants and reduce unnecessary content.
  • disconnecting from unnecessary communication through technology; and making what remains more effective.
  • finding the right balance of control and trust in your team, building the capability and confidence needed to decentralize and speed up decision making and delivery.

GI_brand_diagrams_primary-magentaOur ‘Save a day a week’ workshops can be tailored to the specific time stealers in your organization through our diagnostic survey. We find out where and what the biggest opportunities are for you and your teams to save time, and can quickly design a workshop focused on driving specific improvements to the way you and your organization work.

Based on past experience with other teams and organizations, this could save you up to a day a week of unnecessary work. (We would have called it ‘time management’, but that comes with certain, preconceived notions.)

“We identified savings of one day per week each from using the Speed Lead principles – mainly from unnecessary cooperation and meetings. Finally we have some time to do the work rather than just collect more actions! Now we are fighting for more local control to take the next speed step.” Project Director, Speciality Chemicals

Why not…?

If you want to win back an extra day per week and would like to get rid of unnecessary and dissatisfying work then please speak to one of our specialists. They can show you how to complete a diagnostic questionnaire to see just how much unnecessary cooperation and communication is going on within your team or organization, what it costs, and how to fix it.

You can contact one of our consultants directly, get in touch with your closest regional office, or there’s a handy contact form to the right of this page (on most devices).

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Last updated: July 2014

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