Benchmarking teams and organizations

Benchmark your team or organization performance against a database of over 4,000 people from matrix, virtual and global teams.

Leaders often value the ability to benchmark their team or organization against others that operate in complex matrix, virtual and global environments. They can use this benchmarking information to drive specific, targeted improvement activities to increase the capability of their team or organization and to remove barriers to success.

Most profiles from other organizations were developed for face-to-face teams and using these to compare face-to-face teams with much more complex teams and organizations can be misleading.

Our ‘teams benchmarking survey’ contains responses from more than 4,000 people from some of the World’s leading organizations and focuses on the challenges specific to working in matrix, virtual, international and distributed teams.

image: benchmarking diagram

Why benchmark your performance?

  • You can use our benchmarking questionnaires to identify specific areas for improvement within your team either as a stand-alone exercise or as part of the needs analysis for the design of a training workshop.
  • You can also conduct ‘before and after’ versions of the benchmark to see how your interventions have changed the team.
  • Some organizations use the benchmarking survey as an overall ‘health check’ exercise to identify organization wide priorities and areas for improvement.image: benchmark diagram

Because the different questionnaires probe different areas of matrix, virtual and global working. We have existing skill modules in each area and can suggest specific improvement activities in any area where the survey indicates a need.

Easy to use, easy to adapt

Our questionnaires are online and easily accessible to anyone with a web browser. We can tailor the questions to add any specific issues you are interested in (with a proviso that, of course, we will not have historic data to benchmark against for unique questions).

Why not…..?

To find out how you could use our benchmarking process to improve your team or organization, please contact one of Global Integration’s specialists. They’ll be delighted to help.

Alternatively, there is a handy form on the right of this page (on most devices) to request more information or to contact our closest office to speak to a specialist. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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