Benchmarking Teams and Organizations

Compare your team performance with over 4,000 people from other global, matrix and virtual organizations

Teams can be incredibly productive, but many are under performing, wasting time and money. Yet very few organizations, despite a commitment at company level to team work, measure team performance.

It can be useful to benchmark your performance against other teams or organizations that operate in the same complex world. You can use this benchmark to create a ‘before’ measure and to identify areas for specific, targeted improvement activities. You can also use it again afterwards to measure the impact of your training and other improvement activities.

Our database includes responses from more than 4,000 people from many of the world’s leading companies and focuses specifically on matrix, virtual, distributed and international working.

Comparing a complex global, matrixed team with a simpler, single site national one may give misleading results. Many profiles created by other organizations were developed for face-to-face teams: their databases are full of respondents who don’t face the same challenges as the people in the complex organizations we specialize in.

image: benchmarking diagram

Why benchmarking helps?

  • Training needs analysis: our benchmarking questionnaires can identify improvement areas, helping pinpoint training needs.
  • Measure success: use the surveys before and after an intervention bringing about change to see how successful you have been.
  • Health check: you can use the output as a team or organization to see how you compare with other similar companies and identify areas to work on.

If you identify an area where you need to improve we can quickly recommend practical actions you can take to improve. For the issues probed by the questionnaires, we also have existing training support materials based on our own IP (intellectual property).

Easy to use, easy to adapt

Our questionnaires are all easily accessible and delivered through the web.

We’ve invested in technology so that you can also add specific questions that you may want to ask your team members (although, of course, there would be no previous data to benchmark against for unique questions).

Why not…..?

To find out how you could use our benchmarking process to improve your team or organization, please contact one of Global Integration’s specialists. They’ll be delighted to help.

Alternatively, there is a handy form on the right of this page (on most devices) to request more information or to contact our closest office to speak to a specialist. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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Last updated: July 2014

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