Adapting the meetings campaign to your company

Thinking of xtending the Meetings Campaign internally?

"The Better Meetings Campaign"The basic Better Meetings campaign materials are free to use for individuals who register at our website. We made the information freely available as a service to our clients and to allow people to sample the practicality and usefulness of our ideas.

However, the volume and cost of unnecessary meetings, conference calls and webinars is a serious business issue. In many large organizations, the cost of unnecessary meetings is tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Meetings also drive a significant amount of travel and other expenses, which can be reduced if we focus on reducing the numbers and improving the relevance and quality of our meetings.

Our survey shows that people spend an average of two days per week in meetings, and only half of the content is relevant. That’s a day per week of expensive managerial and professional time wasted in most organizations.

There are few business issues of such magnitude that we do not actively manage. We would not accept 50% failure rate in new products or 50% scrap in our manufacturing or service delivery process, but we routinely accept 50% relevance in our meetings and other forms of communication.

If you want to make a major systematic change in your business, then you can run this meetings campaign within your company. This involves tailoring the approach more deeply to your own culture and practices and addressing the issue as a significant change management exercise.

This can take a number of forms:

  • We can run interviews, focus groups and quantitative surveys within your organisation to engage key stakeholders and understand the root causes and corporate cultural issues that underlie meetings in your business.
  • We can design and either run or license internal campaigns designed to reduce unnecessary meetings and improve the quality of what remains as a systematic change management process.
  • We can tailor the six steps to your own company branding and language.
  • We can produce booklets and other materials that you can use in your meetings.
  • We can run workshops based around these ideas with open groups or intact teams to improve their own meetings quickly.
  • We can support you in managing the change and embedding these new behaviors

These are very inexpensive steps relative to the cost of unnecessary meetings, calls and webinars. The meetings campaign could be the best business investment you make this year!

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