Matrix Teams

Running teams across functions, business units and multiple bosses.

A matrix team is one in which team members work across functions and usually report to multiple bosses.

However, many of our clients use the term more broadly to include teams that are global, virtual or run by people who don’t have direct hierarchical control over the team members.

Your needs will depend on the precise nature of your team. You may face challenges in operating across distance, time zones, culture (national, functional or corporate), organizational complexity, and where most of your communication is done through technology rather than face-to-face.

As thought leaders in this field, we have training modules on how to run teams and groups in the each of these environments. We can quickly put together a program tailored to your specific needs, but based on our existing intellectual property (IP).

"Matrix teams"

Some of the key factors we see in matrix teamwork, as compared to other types of virtual team include

  • Team members probably have more than one boss;
  • They face competing goals and divided loyalties between the different bosses who often represent both the ‘vertical’ functions and the ‘horizontal’ matrix team;
  • They face greater challenges with prioritization and alignment;
  • They can experience high levels of conflict due to organizational complexity.


Global Integration can diagnose how your team compares to similar teams in leading organizations to give you a baseline and to recommend priorities in training. We even have a benchmarking tool to support this.

Based on this and your input we can quickly put together a program tailored to your specific needs.

The ‘Star group and Spaghetti teams’ tool was a revelation: I had never really considered where it was better not to be a team. Since I applied it to my meetings we meet less often and have much more participative meetings.

Director, Global Marketing, FMCG.

Case study: SAP

Read our case study: SAP

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Last updated September 2014

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