Matrix structure consultancy

Practical tools and frameworks to help refine matrix structures.

Global integration has been consulting and training with complex organizations in the field of matrix organization structures and virtual and global management since 1994.

In this time, we have worked with over 300 major multinationals in more than 40 countries. We have delivered over 100,000 participant days of workshops and have learned a lot about making complex organization structures work effectively.

image: organisation matrix chart

Our particular focus is on the way people work together:

  • structuring to ensure that the right networks, communities, teams and groups are in place to ensure success.
  • ensuring that the people within them have the skills to be successful in this more complex way of working.

Many clients have asked us to apply this expertise to discussions around their strategy and structure.

Consulting practise

We are not a McKinsey or a Bain type structure consultancy. They will perform in-depth analysis of your business strategy and recommend detailed roles and organization charts. We, by contrast, focus on making it work in practice. We have developed numerous practical tools and frameworks that are extremely useful when consulting with organizations which are considering how to create the ways of working they need for success.

Our process starts with understanding (rather than defining) your strategy, and helping you think through your particular objectives in adopting or refining your organization.

We are thought leaders in the practical aspects of how to evolve structures to make them easier for people to work in. We bring both practical tools and insights and learning from other leading organizations on the tips to implement and the pitfalls to avoid.

We have observed, for example, that some of our clients have initially taken dual reporting too far into their organizations and have learned to simplify and streamline their structure after a period. We can accelerate your learning and help facilitate your thinking on where and how the matrix organization really adds value – and where it doesn’t.

In many cases, a formal multiple-boss structure may be unnecessary if we can build the mindset and skillset that enables flexibility and breaks down the traditional silos that prevent cooperation.

Our consultants can also help identify the systems and practices that will support, or inhibit, this way of working.

Throughout the consulting process, we bring learning from other organizations, process tools to help you identify and resolve issues and facilitation from our experienced consultants who have worked in and with complex organizations as line managers.

Beyond a pretty report: service delivery

Our delivery can include one-to-one consultations with senior managers, facilitating workshops to raise and resolve the challenges, or working with OD (organizational design) specialists to refine the organization design and build the capabilities required for success.

Typically, the questions we can help resolve include:

  • understanding why and whether you really need a matrix structure;
  • being clear about where dual reporting liens adds value rather than just cost;
  • building the right mindset;
  • identifying the simplest form of structure required to meet your needs;
  • aligning structure to strategy;
  • balancing structure and flexibility;
  • identifying the advantages and disadvantages of matrix working for the organization and for the individuals within it;
  • identifying the myths that stand in the way of successful implementation;
  • creating goal and role clarity and alignment;
  • managing accountability without control;
  • creating the skills and capabilities necessary to success in this way of working.

We can also support the implementation of your new or changed structure by helping you roll-out your strategic communications and by building the skills and capabilities your people need to be successful in this more complex environment.

Why not…..?

  • Request our white paper on matrix management, or our landmark ‘matrix organizations’ article.
  • Join our ‘LinkedIn ‘matrix management’ group to join the conversation and share ideas with others interested in this field.

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Last update: February 2013

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