Group Executive Dialogue Session Outline

Group Executive Dialogue Session: Purpose & Objective

Making the Matrix WorkThe sessions are designed for people who are either considering or currently working in a matrix structure. Attendees will identify some of the key challenges and how to address them, and there will be opportunities to discuss and network with leaders and executives grappling with similar issues.

The dialogues will be of particular relevance to people in the HR function with responsibility for organization development, learning or executive development. It will also be a practical forum for senior line business executives who are looking to improve the productivity and efficiency when leading in a complex matrix structure.

Group Executive Dialogue Session: Agenda
1. Introduction to the matrix
2. Experience sharing – what are the advantages and disadvantages of the matrix in your organizations?
3. Overview of the challenges

  • Context – communicating and demystifying the matrix
  • Clarity – how to create clarity where we can but cope with ambiguity, dilemmas and conflict.
  • Cooperation – how to be both connected and effective, and not get swamped with increases in bureaucracy and unnecessary meetings.
  • Communication – how to communicate through technology and create engagement and participation both on and off-line.
  •  Control – how to find the right balance between trust and control, how to balance span of accountability with span of control and how to empower people across distance, cultures and through technology.
  •  Community – how to build communities we need to be successful in this more complex and connected world.

In these 2.5-hour sessions, we will concentrate on the themes of most interest to the participants. Attendees will also receive a free pre-publication copy of workplace specialist Kevan Hall’s latest book, Making the Matrix Work, which deals with many of the themes in more detail.

If you would like to attend these sessions, please contact TH Ong.

Attendees, with particular challenges they would like to discuss may also schedule one-on-one time after the session with either Kevan or T.H.

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