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Available March 1 in the U.S., ‘Making the Matrix Work: How Matrix Managers Engage People and Cut Through Complexity’ shows how to succeed amidst multiple bosses, competing goals and accountability without control.

February 28, 2013 – The global nature of today’s marketplace means we need to satisfy worldwide customers, run more integrated supply chains and business functions and make cross-functional processes work. This cutting across of traditional vertical silos of function and geography often has made the decision to develop some kind of matrix organization seem like a simple solution.  In reality, though, matrix organizations can be complicated, tricky environments that need ongoing care and feeding related to leadership, collaboration and personal effectiveness to succeed.

Such is the premise of a new book by Global Integration CEO Kevan Hall, which explains that, despite well-meaning intentions to break silos, promote flexibility and build broader people capabilities, matrix organizations too often cause undue complexity, unclear goals and accountabilities, excessive reorganizations, greater bureaucracy and slow decisions.  Unless we also build the new skills necessary, we can create  a generation of matrix victims, who wait for direction, become overwhelmed by complexity and ultimately feel disappointed with their professional lives.

"Making the Matrix work: How Matrix Managers Engage People and Cut Through Complexity"Making the Matrix Work: How Matrix Managers Engage People and Cut Through Complexity debuted as No. 1 on Amazon’s ‘Organizational Design and Behavior’ book list when released in the U.K. in early February and will be made available in the U.S. on March 1.  Pragmatic as well as strategic, the book is a manifesto explaining how matrix structures, in and of themselves, aren’t solutions, but can be transformational when the right skills and mindsets are instilled for navigating such a multidimensional terrain.  Other revelations of the book include the fact that more managers means less leadership, traditional teamwork is overused and under-analyzed, and when it comes to work, complete clarity is a fool’s gold.

“As businesses become increasingly virtual and multinational, they work hard to involve everyone – so much that it’s often in excess.  In fact, research suggests that people in complex organizations waste 20 percent of their time in unnecessary meetings and conference calls alone – we are sharing far too much irrelevant information,” said Hall, whose previous book Speed Lead has been translated into eight languages and become a ‘go-to’ text within complex organizations.

“Executives sometimes think they can solve problems by restructuring, preaching collaboration and then sitting back and observing, but they also need to build the skills needed for success and develop people who are comfortable with ambiguity, flexibility and even conflict. If they don’t create high levels of empowerment, they’ll face constant delay and escalation for decisions.” 

Hall based the book on his work at Global Integration training more than 50,000 people from over 50 countries and consulting with over 400 major multinationals .  Advising mostly mid- and senior-level managers, he and his colleagues take clients through a structured process for how to build the mindset and skill set necessary for matrix success  Companies can be quick to extol hero executives, he believes, but enduring business success usually occurs when organizations build the capability to lead from the middle ranks, where many trade-offs and dilemmas are resolved in practice.

To facilitate this mid-management empowerment movement, Hall blends big picture insights with actionable tools and best practices. He provides tips and analysis for managing multiple bosses and competing priorities, illuminates different types of group work and their purposes and charts pathways for goal-setting, decision-making and coping with conflict, among other things.

“Making the Matrix Work: How Matrix Managers Engage People and Cut Through Complexity” by Kevan Hall (ISBN #978-1—904838-42-5) is available March 1, 2013, as a hard cover book for the U.S. market.  The 232-page, 16-chapter book is published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing and retails for $35.00 at popular online and bricks and mortar bookstores.

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