Web based training

Highly engaging and participative blended or online learning.

Global Integration has translated our expertise in face-to-face content delivery and engagement into webinars, videos and podcasts: we run highly participative and engaging web based content in matrix management, virtual teams and global working.

We are familiar with most major tools, including WebEx and Live Meeting, and can quickly learn how to create engagement and participation through other technologies you may use.

Webinars can be delivered either as stand-alone events or as part of a blended solution with a mixture of face-to-face and delivery through technology.

We are also experienced in using videos and podcasts to support learning. (You can see some examples of short videos and podcasts on our resources page.) We have more detailed packages which are designed to support the implementation of learning.

Leaders who have been through our training may use these videos – and other materials – to roll out the learning quickly to their teams. They are designed to prompt team discussions about the implementation of the ideas and form an extremely cost-effective way of rolling out new tools and ideas to a larger audience.

We loved this article from one of our inspired course participants: Restaurant at the end of the Virtual Universe.

I participated in our first meeting with Tony as the only remote participant and was really surprised about the fact that a) Tony remembered to involve me in the discussion (and wanted to pronounce my name right) b) he remembered what I had commented earlier c) he summarised the actions in the end and delivered later everything he promised.

There is a handy form which you’ll find to the right of this page (on most devices) to help you to contact us to find out more or speak to one of our specialists, we are always happy to help.

Global Integration

Last updated: March 2014

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