Practical advice on how to make matrix, virtual and global organizations really work.

Global Integration’s consultants have extensive experience of complex ways of working – matrix management, virtual teams and global working.

We have unique tools and processes and extensive experience in how to make complex ways of working effective in practice.

We work with our clients to help them build the people capability and ways of working they need to make their complex organizations work.

We can support organization development (OD) specialists in the design of the practical aspects of matrix, virtual and global organizations.

What kind of consulting can you expect from us?

We are not the kind of consultants who spend years on strategy development and draw the boxes on organization charts. Instead we focus on making complex organizations work by ensuring that strategic communications, people processes, and capability building are in place to support the way of working needed for success in these demanding environments.

We design strategic communication sessions for organizations introducing a new organizational structure to help people fully understand the consequences of the new organization for leadership, for teams and for personal effectiveness.

We work with individuals and teams on the particular challenges they face, and design specific interventions to build the skills and people capabilities required.

Contact us and one of our consultants will call you back to help define your needs. There is a useful form which will appear to the right of this page on most devices to help you.

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Last updated: July 2012

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