How we deliver

How we deliver our training and consulting; deep content experts with flexible delivery.

How does Global Integration deliver its training and development programmes?

Global Integration’s consultants are deep content specialists in matrix management, virtual teams and global working.

You will get an idea of our expertise from these web pages, and from the videos, podcasts and articles that accompany them.

Our existing intellectual property (IP) and expertise in delivering training in all of these areas has been developed over 18 years of training and consulting which has delivered over 100,000 participant days of training to over 300 major organisations.

Our clients include many of the world’s leading organizations, and our people are full time specialists in these fields who have practical experience as line managers in major multinational organizations.

We also recognize that you are the experts in your own corporate culture and business issues. We work with you to understand your needs, and can quickly develop a programme based on our existing intellectual property, tailored to your needs.

We are highly flexible in how our materials are delivered and have experience in working within constraints.

Never a dull moment – very interactive – hugely informative – always relevant – pitched perfectly to the audience in the room.

We deliver our highly participative consulting, coaching and training services globally either face to face, online (through our unique E-learning suite) or in a blended format (including live events, webinars and online tools as appropriate).

We can even run ‘train the trainer’ and licensing programs for internal delivery.

With that kind of flexibility built in, why not contact us now and find out more?

Kevan and his team did a great job for us on a couple of occasions – one was running a cross cultural & remote working workshop for our top 150; the other was a great deal of support in developing a remote team project. Many thanks for your expertise, helpfulness and enthusiasm.

Why not….?

 Global Integration

Last updated March 2014

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