Guest blogs – policy

Global Integration will accept guest posts on rare occasions, provided that they are relevant to our audience of HR professionals and senior executives looking for information on matrix management, global working and virtual working.

We particularly welcome pieces from:

  • our customers
  • people working in fields related and complementary to, but not competitive with, our own

We would be unlikely to accept the following material:

  • from direct competitors. (You are, however, more than welcome to – even encouraged to –  join discussions and debates  regarding posts in our blog.)
  • SEO or internet marketing companies offering vague ‘articles’ requesting links to sites
  • anything containing recruitment related content

It goes without saying that we would never deliberately publish anything offensive, obscene or illegal.

If you are interested in submitting an article, please submit a synopsis to webmaster[at] (replacing the [at]  with @ – we changed it to help reduce spam).

In all cases, we would always maintain final editorial discretion, and absolute discretion over where any links from our site should go to.

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