Mergers and Acquisitions

Skills for the evaluation, integration and management of M&A activity

Each merger or acquisition brings together a unique mix of corporate cultures, company legacy and management challenges. A failure to understand and manage different corporate and national cultures is one of the top three reasons why many fail to deliver the value anticipated.

At Global Integration, we help our clients identify potential challenges through ‘Cultural due diligence’, and help build the skills they need to integrate the legacy cultures and manage the new, more complex organization.

How can Global Integration Support M&A activity?

Cultural due diligence.

GI Communications_80-Black_Lightbulb_v1_00For M&A teams, we often use our ‘culture abacus’ tool kit to conduct a ‘gap analysis’ which identifies areas of cultural fit and potential problems.

We help build the skills necessary to bridge and reconcile these differences, and strengthen virtual teams that cut across the two organizations and legacy cultures to help deliver results faster and more effectively.

Building a new corporate culture

We run ‘Best of both’ (BoB) workshops to help people understand the legacy cultures, overcome corporate cultural differences and design new ways of working for the merged operations built on the best elements of both of their histories.

We often observe a mismatch between intentions and actions in companies’ cultural integration. Often an acquisition or merger with other companies aims to gain a particular capability or access to new talent. In reality, companies – often without a conscious decision – act to assimilate the acquired corporate culture, driving out the very capabilities and people that they sought to acquire.

Our workshops help identify these challenges and help you make explicit choices about which aspects of each of the organizations you want to keep, where to build new synergies and how to avoid the trap of ‘accidental assimilation’.

These insights can also be used during communications events to help build support for the new organization and help deal with early concerns.

Managing the new, more complex organization

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Managing the expanded organization often introduces new levels of complexity. We specialize in the people skills needed to lead, cooperate and work effectively in complex, matrix, virtual and global organizations so we can help upgrade the skills of your people to cope with the new situation.

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