Global Account Management

Lead effective teams that sell to, and support, important and challenging global customers.


Global Account Management

Global Account Management


Many organizations have established a global account management (GAM) function or organization to give more attention to their most important, complex and high-profile customers.
These GAMs and their teams need to navigate both the external complexity of a challenging customer, and the internal challenges of engaging support functions and resources around the world to ensure a consistent voice and delivery service to these important customers.

In addition to the traditional range of sales and service delivery skills, global account teams have some additional challenges:

  • Engaging virtual teams – Many GAMs find that the challenges of engaging and coordinating internal resources within their own organization are even more difficult than engaging with the customer. They need to quickly mobilize people across their own virtual teams and their company’s organization to deliver results for the customer.
  • High levels of influence without authority – Many global account teams are run through influence rather than traditional authority. They need to engage resources in different countries to provide a consistent service, even if the account is not a major presence in the local country.
  • Operating globally and locally – They need to manage the internal complexity of the customer who has their own challenges in coordinating globally and managing the balance of what should be global and what local.
  • Navigating the matrix – They need to understand who they need to network, influence and engage with – both in their own and the customer’s organization structures – to get things done.
  • Managing cultural differences – National, functional and corporate cultural differences can create an additional dimension to managing relationships between multiple countries as well as several organizations and business units.

Despite all this complexity, GAMs still need to get things done fast and to operate within constraints on travel and other costs.

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We work with GAMs and their teams to build the skills and confidence they need to manage these complex customer relationships and internal and external networks.

Depending on the way your global accounts function runs you will have a specific blend of challenges and priorities. We can work with you to understand your specific needs, and quickly put together a tailored program based on your business realities and our existing intellectual property (IP).


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