Lack of Communication – you must be joking

Lack of Communication - you must be joking

Many business problems today are put down to a ‘lack of communication’. But how can this be when we spend 80% or more of our time communicating? At Global Integration, we think that lack of communication is a problem of the past. The problem today is too much, poor quality communication. (Learn how to cut out unnecessary communication with our Speed Lead process.)

This cartoon is based on a real conversation Kevan Hall had with a matrix manager……

Companies set up a matrix organization structure in order to connect people across the traditional silos of functions and locations. We spend time and effort to get people to communicate more.

Unfortunately, once people get the message, there is often an explosion of communication on the basis that if communication is good, then more communication must be better!

In many organizations, ‘lack of communication’ is now a problem of the past. The problem today is too much poor quality communication. Increasing the volume of communication will not help!

Research has shown that team effectiveness and communication have a curvilinear relationship – too little communication can cause problems with performance, but so can too much.

On average people spend 40% of their time in meetings, of which less than 50% is relevant) and receive 56 emails per day (half of which are not necessary).

We believe the challenge today is to reduce the volume and then work on improving the quality.

Why not…?

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