Kevan Hall will be in Dubai

It’s that time of week again – our regular Monday look at who will be where. Our aim is to let you know so that you can try and catch up with them face to face whilst they’re in your region.

In  Europe this week, Tony Poots is taking the Nordic countries by storm, visiting both Kolding in Denmark and Helsinki in Finland. Rod Farnan will be in Heathrow, UK, in the early part of the week, followed by Livingston, Scotland. Phil Stockbridge will be in both Derby, UK,  and Warsaw, Poland at various times.

In Asia this week, CEO Kevan Hall will be in Dubai, and Tim Mitchell will be in Singapore. TH Ong will be in New Delhi, India.

In the Americas, Robyn Green will be in Mentor, Ohio. (When we saw this in her diary, I had to check whether she was in Ohio to mentor someone, but it is actually, the place that she’ll be – apparently one of the World’s top 100 places to live!)

Next week, in the UK, Kevan Hall will be in both Heathrow, near London, and Edinburgh, Scotland. John Bland will be in Oxford, UK and in various spots around the north of England.

Outside of the UK, Tony Poots will be in Helsinki, Finland. Rod Farnan will be in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Phil Stockbridge will be in Gurgaon, India; TH Ong will be in Singapore; and Tim Mitchell will be in Sydney, Australia.

Feel free to contact any of the team directly, but do bear in mind that they are often travelling or delivering consultancy and training, so you may prefer to get our regional offices to do the hard work for you. It’s what we’re here for: to help!

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