Hi, I’m TH. I go by the initials of my Chinese name Tun-Hao. I’ve been with Global Integration since 2003.

As an organization and leadership development practitioner, I think we’re living in a most interesting time.

Conventional thoughts are being challenged literally every day in the workplace: relationship drivers are shifting; technology capability is advancing exponentially; geo-political realities are bringing more and more diverse players into global business partnerships. We’re confronting complexity in business management that is constantly changing. So figuring how to work effectively and efficiently with people in this web of unconventional working relationships is just as critical as figuring out the strategy, systems and structures of an organization.

When people ask what I do, I tell them I help use skills and provide tools that professionals can use with their bosses, co-workers, subordinates, partners, suppliers and even competitors – tools and skills that help virtually everyone in the workplace keep up with increasing demand for speed in getting their customers and clients what they want.

Global Integration is here to push the boundaries of traditional leadership and management practices. I see myself as solution designer. That requires a little science and a little art, and I often tell my clients that when you’re working in a complex matrix organization, we’d better get used to ‘grey’ being the new ‘black and white’. There’s simply no one size fits all answers any more.

At the business level. the challenges that universal, but implementing solutions has to be tailored to an organization. And at the individual level, the necessary skills may be common but the application has to be customized to their issues.

My job is to give you the processes and tools for defining a obstacles, crafting a solution, and then delivering that solution into your organization, with the highest impact.

About the author:

THOng An expert practitioner in organizational effectiveness, change management, performance management, leadership development and employee training, TH Ong is Global Integration's Vice President for the Americas and is spearheading the company's Asian expansion. Company profile: TH Ong.

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