We asked our team for hints and tips for business travel, a necessity at some point for almost anyone who’s working in a global context.

Consultant Tony Poots came up with a great list of very personal tips for making the time ‘on board’ more pleasant, and we thought it merited a post of it’s own.

So here’s Tony’s ‘chill pill’ list:

1. Unless you badly need the toilet, have an emergency at home or a tight connection, try not to be one of those stressed individuals who jumps up when the plane lands and stands tutt-ing in the aisle, pushing and being pushed.

2. Read your book, smile at people, be the last off because you were enjoying your book so much.

3. If you get the screaming baby behind you, empathise with the parents (or the baby), stick in your fingers in your ears and go ‘ting-aling-a loo’. When you get off the plane, it will be over… for you at least.

4. Read other people’s emails, it’s fascinating.

5. Never refuse free chocolate.

6. Look at the clouds. Clouds are cool.

7. Let people out of their seat rather than making them stand with their neck bent and head pushed against the ceiling.

8. Dare the pilot to do a victory roll!

9. Thank the crew for looking after you, everyone is doing their best.

10. If the plane has to hold and is a little late, it is, what it is… better than sitting in a traffic jam for hours, going nowhere.

How do you de-stress inflight? Do you use the ‘disconnected’ time for some productive work? Or do you chat to fellow passengers (the topic of next week’s business travel blog).

About the author:

Tony Poots Tony Poots is a senior director of Global Integration. He has a particular talent for helping teams to collaborate effectively where they have little or no face to face time together and/or cultural barriers to cross. Company profile: Tony Poots.

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