"RIP"Some people will be aware of the Time Zone Meeting Planner app that we commissioned some years ago as a way of helping people who are working internationally, which was available via itunes.

We commissioned the app to help with the organization of international meetings and conference calls.

Unfortunately the app has fallen well short of the standards that we demand of ourselves. It has proved faulty and after several years of getting it reprogrammed, sadly we feel we are just applying sticking plaster. We are still receiving reports of it failing to cope with the current daylight saving changes. These faults make the app less than helpful, and as there are now  so many good resources available online, we have decided to remove the it from circulation.

We don’t want to leave you ‘high and dry’, and have done some searching for an alternative. I believe this to be one of the best sites online (at the moment) for giving time and date information: http://www.timeanddate.com/.

One of our readers has suggested that another site www.thetimenow.com is more accessible for the sight impaired.

We apologise for any inconvenience that the app has caused, and hope you will understand the reasons for it’s withdrawal.




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Claire Thompson Claire has a background in PR and communications, and has worked in the UK and abroad for many years. Within Global Integration, she's the frontline for co-ordinating the blogging, social media, posting and general digital magic that team members ask for support with. It keeps her busy - she loves it! Google+ Profile: .

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