Anyone who’s spent any time with our CEO Kevan Hall will undoubtedly know two things about him: one, he’s a Brit; and two, he supports Reading FC.

A word to anyone who thinks football involves guys with large shoulder pads charging down a pitch and handling odd shaped balls – in the UK, soccer is called football. It’s played with feet, so Kevan would claim that this is far more logical. American football is more like rugby (except the Brits scrap the ‘big as a buffalo’ shoulder pads).

All of which is a short cultural diversion that takes us to the real point of this blog post, which is that Kevan’s ‘on record’ as noting a pattern: the last management book he wrote, Speed Lead, coincided with Reading’s promotion to the premier league.  And just as he pushed ‘send’ on his new book, off to the publisher for review, Reading again earned promotion.

Pure coincidence? Not according to our illustrious leader, a Reading season ticket holder. He is determinedly claiming a case of cause and effect – a direct correlation.

Every time Kevan writes a book, he squirrels himself away and we, the Global Integration team, have to really earn our time with him.

So this is our public plea to Reading FC: please stay up this time. Not only will he be a happier man as his team wins, he’ll not have to disappear off and write another book.

Oh, and congratulations, guys. Well played!

About the author:

Claire Thompson Claire has a background in PR and communications, and has worked in the UK and abroad for many years. Within Global Integration, she's the frontline for co-ordinating the blogging, social media, posting and general digital magic that team members ask for support with. It keeps her busy - she loves it! Google+ Profile: .

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