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When we saw the cheeky message above, left on our ‘Birthday wishes’ page this week, we couldn’t help but laugh. Someone (Jacqui Morrison, Nissan) had remembered Rod’s underpants.

pants JanetNo, Director Rod Farnan hadn’t been up to mischief.

As you’ll see to the left, modelled by Rod’s colleague, Janet Davis, Rod – and the rest of the team – have a secret weapon in their training armoury: Superman pants.

For those unfamiliar with Rod’s, Janet’s, or indeed anyone else’s pants, they are used as a part of an exercise in some of our remote and virtual teams training, to demonstrate  the tendency to fly in and take control – fun, with a serious message.

Not enough pants yet?

"Global Integration"

This week we also took our first order for some Global Integration branded….. yes, you guessed it, pants!

We are in the process of setting up a shop on Cafe Press, The Global Integration Emporium,  where you will be able to buy merchandise with some of our best cartoons. It’s something of a ‘work in progress’, set up to help us deliver our birthday mugs around the World.

Because of the way the system works, we needed to put something into the ‘Pyjamas and Underwear’ section of the site, so we branded these and put them up for sale, very discretely as we couldn’t see much demand for them. Imagine our surprise when a pair was ordered – and imagine the surprise (or shock?) someone’s going to have when they open their birthday present!



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