Continuing our global working video competition ‘meet the judges’ posts, offering a deeper insight into why we chose our expert panel of judges and what they’re looking for. Today: DR. VINAY RAJ MENON


Dr Vinay Raj Menon

Can you introduce yourself to readers in one sentence, please:

I am: a good natured, focused, results-driven professional keen to make a difference in whatever I do with a passion to share my knowledge and experience with my team members and youngsters joining a big global multi-cultural organization like ours.

What persuaded you to agree to judge the global working video competition?

I have worked closely with Global Integration over the past 12 months and have been very impressed with their philosophy, methodology and the courses they deliver.

I have also personally attended some of the sessions and have benefited from the learning. So, when the proposal came to be a judge for this competition, I gladly agreed for three reasons:
a. I wanted to give back something in a small way to Global Integration for being a true partner with us
b. I wanted to use this opportunity to share my experience on ‘working globally’ being a judge and evaluating various entries
c. To learn from the various entries and expand my knowledge base on cultural diversity.

What’s been your own experience of global working?

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work in a truly global company – today, we at Cognizant are in five different continents, have 50 different development centers (across 15 cities and nine different countries) across the globe – and I have had the opportunity to visit and experience diverse cultures.

Today, I also manage a distributed team (based out of North America, Argentina and India) servicing our associates across North America, Argentina, Brazil, UK, Continental Europe and India and it has been a wonderful experience thus far.

What will you be looking for in the entries you judge?

I am interested in the truly global nature of today’s workforce, cultural diversity, the drivers that motivate teams to stay continuously engaged, and how cultural diversity challenges are overcome.

Ed: We think it only fair to add about Vinay that he’s also very modest about his achievements in Cognizant where he spurred the Cognizant Academy outside of India.

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