Continuing our Matrix Monday series which summarises some of the limited available literature on the matrix, today we summarise   “Matrix structures and the training implications”, W. David Rees, Christine Porter, (2004), Industrial and Commercial Training, Vol. 36 Iss: 5, pp.189 – 193

literature on matrix management, matrix structuresThis short paper stresses the importance of appropriate multi-disciplinary training for team leaders in matrix structures in order for the new organizational arrangement to be effective.

Within the context of reasons for implementation of matrix structures, it examines the need for matrix training and addresses some of the leadership obstacles to effective operation of matrix structures. These can include leadership motivation issues, the lack of formal authority for leaders in a matrix, the existence of weak management structures, and the reintegration of project leaders back into the wider organisation after project completion.

The article proposes several strategies which will increase the chance of success within the matrix structure,

These include ensuring support from senior management, ensuring the soundness of the general management structure into which the matrix will be introduced, ensuring that reward arrangements are appropriate, providing adequate administrative support to the team, and keeping the effectiveness of the matrix structure under review.

The authors finally note that the introduction of matrix structures may reveal management selection and training needs on the part of the senior managers responsible for the implementation and monitoring of it.

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