By Kevan Hall, CEO, Global Integration

Drawing a matrix organization chart can be a challenge, particularly as the number of reporting relationships increases. Many attempts to construct a matrix organization chart result in structures that are not intuitive and clear.

Here is the way we (at Global integration) draw a matrix organization chart.

We realized that one of the problems was that we were carrying old-fashioned assumptions about what an organization chart should look like. In the past, the focus was often to use the organization chart to show grading levels so people at the same level of the organization would appear at the same horizontal level on the organization chart.

If we let go of this assumption (if you want to you can show grades with a letter in the chart box), we can make matrix organization charts much simpler by moving people with dual line reporting down a level on the chart.

matrix organization chartThis matrix organization chart shows three direct reports, and two who have dual reporting into their functional heads for HR & Finance.

This approach can also help if you need to add another level of reporting to the matrix chart.

matrix organization chart with added level of reporting

I could not find anything similar in my search on organization chart layouts on Google so I thought I would post it here in case it was helpful. If you have come across any other simple ways of illustrating a matrix organization chart, or have ideas for improving the chart above, please let me know.

Note: original article published September 2008. Images updated January 2011

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