"Matrix Monday"Last week we promised that for the next few weeks our ‘Matrix Monday’ posts (which look at some of the articles and literature related to the matrix) would be some of our own revisited.

This week, we’ve done exactly that, and I’ve picked out four articles discussing teams and teamwork for you to enjoy:

  • On matrix teams: The first is a post which first appeared on Fresh Business Thinking.com in April 2013. In this article, How to build effective matrix teams, Kevan Hall points out that structure makes a blunt instrument when making business changes, too slow to maintain faced with the constant levels of flexibility that may be needed in future.
  • Unnecessary teamwork: In this piece, Hall looks at the forms of organisation that aren’t really teams, and suggests that teamwork isn’t always the answer: Could teamwork be destroying your company?
  • Virtual teams: What Can We Learn From Virtual Teams About Connecting With Our Kids? The answer is, in a nutshell, lots! This Huffington Post piece covers communication styles in both virtual teams and parenting – and finds some common ground.
  • Teamwork myths: Nicola O’Connell talks to management guru Kevan Hall about why teamwork isn’t the management ‘sacred cow’ that many organizations perceive it to be: The teamwork myth

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