Matrix_Monday(D1) (2)I know, I know. it’s Tuesday, not Monday.

But getting the best of the articles on two books together for you was taking a time, but it’s been worth it. Are rather than wait for next week, you can have it now. The two books are:

Both are by management author, Kevan Hall.

Firstly, of course, if you’re wondering what to get your manager or an ambitious colleague as a Christmas present, do take a look at the links above to see if either book might suit. They’ve been known to cure micromanagement and excessive meeting ‘syndrome’, so you may find it’s the gift that gives back!

Secondly, on a slightly more serious note, along the side bar of each page you will now spot links to some fantastic articles. Although some are reviews, many expand upon matrix and virtual team related topics, effectively making this a truly bumper edition of “Matrix Monday” (our weekly post reviewing matrix related literature).

Of course, if you do want to buy one of the books, our shop is here:

For me personally, the People and Strategy piece bringing together some of the very best thinking on matrix issues will probably go on to become a classic text: Revisiting Matrix Management.

So this is a post that short on words, long on content – just the way we like it. Enjoy!

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