Joff Marshall LeeWe had a heart stopping moment at Global Integration this week. When we looked at Google Analytics, the programme that tells you what visitors from Google to your website are looking for – we check regularly to ensure we’re keeping our finger on the pulse – it was showing something very odd.

Instead of people visiting us for what we’d expect – matrix management, global working, and virtual working related matters – many people visiting us were looking for ‘Marshall Lee’.

It took a moment to work out what was happening: Marshall Lee is a manga style Adventure Time cartoon character, a heavy rock music loving vampire who can float on air. (Read about him: here).

We relaxed when we realised what the confusion was. One of our training consultants is Joff Marshall Lee, sharing his surname with the friendly looking vampire.

If Joff has a secret life as a vampire, he’s not owning up to it, and although we know our training consultants have superpowers on the training front, he hasn’t yet mastered floating on air – yet!

He does, however, now have his own cartoon – Marshall Lee style.

Cartoon: Cat Cooper, Rogue Heart Illustration 



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Claire Thompson Claire has a background in PR and communications, and has worked in the UK and abroad for many years. Within Global Integration, she's the frontline for co-ordinating the blogging, social media, posting and general digital magic that team members ask for support with. It keeps her busy - she loves it! Google+ Profile: .

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