Training Journal (a UK based magazine) put out a ‘vox pop’ video this week asking what HR professionals thought would be the biggest issues in learning and development over the coming year:

We asked some of the Global Integration consultants the same question:

Rod Farnan, Global Integration

Rod Farnan

I think we are seeing the requirements for the coming twelve months unfold right now. Possibly as a result of the recession, companies are re-organizing to better address the changing situation globally which means that they have to be more agile. This, in turn, means, that they needs flexible structures. I think that fits exactly with what we offer the market and why I suspect I am busier now that at any other time during my 10 and a bit years with Global Integration!


Phil Stockbridge

Phil Stockbridge

A client made the statement last week that they have gone ‘from Grot to Good’ and are now looking for ‘from Good to Great’.

Many companies are finally waking up to what it means to act like a global organization, and exploring how their corporate cultures support – or not – their global aspirations. In particular I’m seeing many issues inside corporate matrix structures where the legacy culture and mind-set struggles to support the newer, matrix, mind-set.

Kevan Hall, CEO

From our point of view:
– organizations becoming more integrated (sharing resources across the organization, for cost and globalization reasons)
– the power shift to Asia (careers, power etc..)
– the moves towards emerging markets (requiring cross cultural skills)
virtual is the new ‘normal’ (if your team’s training doesn’t include virtual, it is worthless)
– the globalization of even the newest market players

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