Honours for CEO’s article

We were delighted to discover last week that one of CEO Kevan Hall’s articles had been one of the most popular of  2013 on HR management site, PersonnelZone , and was included as part of their top articles list on  inHR, their regular newsletter amidst a range of other fantastic articles, including some on appraisals and performance management. You can see the full article here: Organisational Development in the Matrix,

This lead us to take a look at our own top performers.

Global Integration’s best of January 2014

On our own site, our own picks of January’s blogs include:

Honourable mention must also go to cross cultural awareness pieces on Chinese New Year (甲午贺新春 Happy New Year by consultant TH Ong), and on Australia Day by consultant Tim Mitchell.

The best of 2013

As we know that visits to our site are very seasonal, we took a look at the best blogs on a month by month basis.  Here they are for your enjoyment.

January: Bemoaning Boeing, by Kevan Hall

February: The Importance of language in Global Teams, by Phil Stockbridge

March: Organization Structure as a Determinant of Matrix Performance, by Kevan Hall

There was a close second runner to this one, which deserves a mention: Don’t confuse virtual team spirit with virtual team performance, by Kevan Hall

April: Why Silos Survive, and What’s Good About That

May: he Untapped Potential of Virtual Teams, by Kevan Hall

June: Matrix Management, Recipe for Chaos? By Phil Stockbridge

This very narrowly ‘pipped another article at the post’, so I chose to include a bonus: Implementation and Performance of a Matrix Organization Structure, by Kevan Hall

July: Can Trust be Overshadowed, by Robyn Green

August: Influencing in a Matrix: Seven Tips and More, by Tim Mitchell

September: Avoiding Conflict in Global Virtual Teams, by John Bland

October: Matrix Monday, Articles Revisited, by Claire Thompson

November: The rise of the horizontal functions, by Kevan Hall

December: The Multitasking Myth, by John Bland 

Although few people have accessed the full resource, the individual articles which followed Kevan Halls’s participation in The Virtual Work Summit were very well received – you can access the full set here: http://www.global-integration.com/blog/virtual-working-summit-2013/.

(Based on views during the month. Time sensitive logs on specific cultural events, charity events, conferences and celebrations were excluded for their lack of current relevance)


The most downloaded article of the year was People and Strategy: Revisiting Matrix Management

Of course, these are based solely on visitor numbers, rather than your enjoyment and actionable insights – are there any that particularly resonated with you? Are there things that you’d like to see more of? Do let us know.



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