SuitcasesContinuing our business travel blogs for global workers series, we’ve now arrived at the hotel.

These are the three generic tips we picked as most useful for a better business stay. Short, but sweet!

1. Check out the night before to avoid the queue in the hotel in the morning (Peter Guendlig)

2. Switch off the hotel room fridge and the TV at the point of power (usually the wall). Use your phone for the alarm – less noise and fewer red lights in the room aid sleep. (Janet Davis)

3. Only use ATMs at bank branches during their operating hours outside of your home country. If their machine eat your card, at least you have an immediate recourse. The best ATMs are those that only require you to dip your card instead of “swallowing” your card during transactions. (TH Ong)

So now it’s over to you. What generic hotel stay advice do you have (assuming the booking’s been sorted in advance)?



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